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We are a mess. Our planet is becoming a wasteland. Our families are in disarray. Verbal, physical, and sexual abuse exists at astronomical levels. If we are fortunate enough to be doing well financially, we live in four-story resource-guzzling houses where we don’t see our spouses or children for days. Meanwhile, our children are snuggled away in their own little rooms plugging away at computers, games, or music designed by huge corporations to entertain, brainwash, and entice into consuming. God forbid we should need to commune with our husband, wife, or child!

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The Power of Integrity and the Sacred ‘I’

The sacred 'I' is the place where our integral selves are in perfect alignment with the Divine and the collective unconsciousness. Not a place of absolute right or wrong as we normally think of it, but rather a place of decisions and actions that either move us forward harmoniously, keep us stuck where we are, or add distance in our journey.

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How Do We Know We Are Following Our Spiritual Path?

Just yesterday I ran across two websites that were warning folks to beware of fraudulent spiritual impostors and Native American wannabes bent only on making a profit from misunderstood and distorted teachings. They accused these people of stealing cultural property and even had several Native American tribes post responses and warnings. The sites listed links that denounced several practitioners and writers by name. This caught my attention immediately because I saw Jamie Sams listed as one of the names on the list. Let me state I do not personally know nor have I ever met Jamie Sams and therefore I am in no position to offer any opinion. I simply use her Sacred Path and Animal Medicine Cards on a daily basis to help folks find, that which is buried within them. The cards chose me to be the tool to use for folks that come to me for help and it has been my experience that people respond wonderfully to them regardless of their belief system. On a spiritual level, I loved the teachings in the two Jamie Sams books that I have read. These websites, however, were very adamant that she was not a Senecca member and that the teachings in her books were not true or authentic Native American teachings. While I seriously doubted the actual validity of these particular websites, it did prompt me to extend this sort of logic to the larger picture of all belief systems. How do any of us know if we are following an authentic spiritual path? For that matter, is it legitimate to follow something that we have created ourselves? Simply being a fellow traveler on this Earth Walk, it struck me that perhaps others have wondered the same thing.

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Discovering Your Relationship DNA

  Instantaneous Transformation is the name of our radical new technology that allows people’s lives to shift, in an instant. With this technology, previously unseen mechanical behaviors that dominate people’s lives can be identified and clear up and resolve themselves, just in the noticing of the behavior.

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Do not treat the information contained here as a prescription, it is intended as a resource of knowledge for you. Do not use any herb that you cannot positively identify, be it from the wild or your garden. When in doubt you should purchase your dried herbs from a reputable herbalist and seek treatment from a qualified practitioner.

The interest in herbal remedies and the market for them has exploded in the last few decades. Herbal products in Canada and the United States, once confined to the shelves of health food shops, are now in retail outlets everywhere, including independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, New Age shops, on the Internet, in discount department stores, supermarkets and even convenience stores. Today it is estimated that the market for herbal dietary supplements is more than $5 billion dollars annually.

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In The Secret History of Dreaming, world-renowned dream expert and author Robert Moss explores the vital role dreams, coincidence, and imagination have played throughout history. The following are excerpts from this inspiring new book that offers both a manifesto and a challenge, showing how people have interacted with their dreams and changed the course of history, and how it is possible to reclaim our past relationship to them and use that power now. We will explore the past and the present, come join us.

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The Place Called Wisdom

Walking a spiritual path, one cannot help but seek wisdom.  So what is wisdom anyway? As I was meditating on that question the other day, the story of the Wizard of Oz, and how Dorothy and her friends were all going to find the wizard to “get” something, flashed in my mind. In the story, they were told that they needed to find the wizard (the wise one), and when they found him, he would help them with their perceived plights. I didn’t make the connection right away, so I kept thinking to myself “Wisdom, wisdom… Oh! WIZ-DOM!” Of course! WIS is from the word wise—accumulated knowledge, good judgment, IN-sight. And DOM comes from domain, like King-dom is the domain of the King, where the king demonstrates his leadership and power. Wiz-dom is the domain or territory where the wise demonstrate their knowledge and insight.  So Dorothy and her friends were advised to go to the domain of their knowledge, their good judgment, and their insight.

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